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Thursday, September 29, 2011

News: Belle Antique to reissue Old Man & The Sea

More exciting news out of Japan! As some of you may recall, I featured this album earlier this year, only to find out it was reissued legit - except hardly anyone knew about it. Belle Antique is the house label for Marquee, so I checked with my friend and Gnosis colleague Nobuhisa - who tell us: "We are going for the original mix + we'd have the bonus track appeared on the legit CD. According to the band, the original master is gone, so this will be from a clean copy of the original vinyl. Tommy Hansen has done the mastering." That works for me! And Old Man & the Sea is the perfect album for a mini-LP. The original LP is a typically great early 70s major label package - with a cool gatefold cover.

So unless you own the very obscure Dunk label version (which most of us never saw even when it was released), the Belle Antique version is the way to go!


Anonymous said...


new to your great blog. Old man and sea has been reissued aspart of the Dansk Rock Historie 11 cd set- great album that it is. There are 3 of these sets and they are well worth seeking out.

All the best


Purple Peak Records said...

Hi Paul,

What's cool about the new reissue, is it has been remixed by an original member who is now a famous producer as well (mainly in the heavy metal world). Mine is on the way to me so I'll know shortly.

Thanks for your comment! Hope you enjoy the blog.

- Tom