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Saturday, August 18, 2012

News: FM (Canada) albums coming soon on Esoteric

According to an announcement on Progressiveears, Esoteric plans on reissuing the first 4 FM albums plus other live material. Other than "Black Noise", I don't believe any of these have been on CD until now. They also announced Happy the Man, though those albums have been available for many years.


Jerry said...

Does someone know whether there are plans to include the Direct To Disc album? Both versions (A4/A6/B4/B6)??


Jerry said...

Does someone know whether the Direct To Disc will be released as well? Both versions???

Anonymous said...


The first two FM-Reissues are out now. More will follow later in March. I just got "Direct to disc". Sound and packaging are great, but it contains only the first versions that were used for the first LP pressings. A missed oportunity!


Purple Peak Records said...

I agree, that is a pity. Thanks for the comment Achim!