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Sunday, June 2, 2013

News: Digatone to reissue Isaiah!

Perhaps the best news about this announcement is that the Klockwerk Orange was not a one-off reissue. Digatone seem to be on the warpath in regards to reissuing Austria's past progressive rock history. For years, I've wondered if there was more from Austria than we ever realized, especially after hearing (and acquiring) the magnificent Ginga Rale Band for the first time last year. Thanks to a tip from a friend, I discovered this website that officially announces the Isaiah LP coming out in the Fall of this year. I have Isaiah in the main list, and it's an album I feel I might grow into with the proper recording. I've only heard the bootleg CD that Poor House put out over 15 years ago.

Here's to more reissues from Digatone! My Klockwerk Orange is in the mail to me now - so I anxiously await that one.

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