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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Randy Holden, USA

Randy Holden - Population II. 1970 Hobbit.

Next one up for the CD-R revisit project...

After playing on one half of a Blue Cheer album, Holden launched this literally named solo album with the addition of the drummer from Kak (hence a population of 2). For fans of loud, bluesy guitar and screaming gruff vocals with pounding 4/4 rhythms, then here you go. No tricky meters and any of that art school stuff here, just blitzed out hard rock - one style, all the time. This album has to be the source of the "just turn the amps to 11" gag. So uncompromising, it was bound to be a cult classic. And it is. Limited appeal, but too obscure to fall into the wrong hands. 

There is a legit LP reissue put out by Holden himself in 2005, but never pressed on CD (legit that is - there are plenty of bootlegs out there). Perhaps the prevailing thought is that you need the fuzz on the needle for this one anyway. :-)

Priority: 3


Anonymous said...

Actually, not true that he never put it out on CD - at least, if you include CD-R. Some years ago I bought a CD-R remaster from him directly. Sounds better than the old pirates for sure!

Tom said...

As you may have suspected, we do not count homemade CD-R's as fully released CDs. Thanks for the comment though - especially as I didn't realize it was pressed on CD-R by Holden (good to know).