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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bedjabetch, France

Bedjabetch – Subrepticement. 1979 AWA

I've got quite a few new albums to report on here. Mainly from the CD-R revisit project, but also a couple of new LP purchases. I also have one major CD reissue announcement / new to the CDRWL pairing (like with the Phase) coming up from The AC, but I'm always a few days behind it seems.

This one, however, I thought was already in the list. This listing is born out of a conversation with Gnosis Mike, and he asked me which label did the CD come out on, since I didn't have it in the list. "It's there, Mike..." "Oh no.... not again!". I've had the LP for over a decade now. But somehow I managed to leave it out of the CDRWL, and it wasn't in my RYM listings either. Not sure how I could have missed it in two places. At least I had the Gnosis rating.... Not to say it's an amazing find, but it certainly is worthy of a CD reissue.

Subrepticement is a fine instrumental fusion album from France with excellent sax charts and kinetic electric guitar leads. File next to your Spheroe albums. It's definitely representative of the time and place, but one could do worse than French progressive rock fusion from 1979!

Priority: 3

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