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Monday, February 16, 2015

Finchley Boys, USA ***REISSUED***

Finchley Boys - Everlasting Tributes. 1972 Golden Throat (recordings from 1968-69)

***Reissued by Reaction/Parasol in 2016***

Another CD-R revisit that exposed that there hasn't been a legit CD reissue to date. Pirates have owned this title for years. As is often the case in the last few years, there does at least exist a legit LP reissue, this time from Anazitisi of Greece (2011). As the band says on their Facebook page:

"Over the years, there have been several legitimate requests to re-release Everlasting Tributes and last year the band agreed to allow a re-mastered vinyl release on ANAZITISI Records in Europe. A surviving ¼ track ¼” inch tape copy of the album master tape was found and transferred to digital by Garrett. These songs and three additional songs were sent to Greece along with photos and artwork.
Nick and his team at ANAZITISI put together a great package for the first and ONLY official re- release of any Finchley Boys material. The audio tracks were re-mastered to sound better than ever. The artwork was put together into a 12 page full color booklet.

In addition, an extremely small number of super-deluxe edition “bag sets” were put together. These included colored vinyl albums, a T-Shirt, reproduction of posters and additional items. ANAZITISI sent a few to the US for each the band members and a few to market. 

The Finchley Boys have added items from the 2010 reunion concert to the Greek sets and through Parasol Records are offering a complete release of all official Finchley Boys products to date. There will be 2 maybe 3 sets available, so take advantage of this limited offer that Parasol Records has on ebay."

So there you have it. An enterprising and hustling Greek label has done the hard work here, and makes one scratch their head on where the US labels are. My hats off to the Anazitisi team!

And still no CD unfortunately.

Finchley Boys were from the great college town of Champaign, Illinois, and were yet another great representative of the Midwest rust-belt sound of the late 60s and early 70s. This is definitely not progressive rock, and falls on the margins of typical CDRWL fare, but for those who enjoy that rough and tumble heavy fuzz blues / hard rock sound with raw vocals, Finchley Boys delivers the goods in fine fashion.

Priority: 3

1 comment:

Garrett Oostdyk said...

Thanks for your site and yes thanks to Nick and his team for a great job with our album. We really do plan on having a CD release this year (2015) There will be a few never heard tracks. I know the bootleggers don't have them yet as the tapes have been lost for 46 years. Garrett Oostdyk for Finchley Boys