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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Great Imperial Yo-Yo, England

The Great Imperial Yo-Yo - Blink. 1992 private.

Cassette only release of really cool festival era space rock. The usual Gong, Ozric, Hillage influences abound, but done with a peculiar raw energy that I find highly enlightening. When the guitar rips, he really lights it up, adding to the intensity. Their third album "Chicken Island" debuted on CD, but this one has never been introduced to the digital format. However, you can download this album (and the second album, called "Toe", for free from the band's website at http://www.vertexrecordings.com). In any case, "Blink" would be worth pressing, as it's that good. I haven't heard "Toe" yet.

Priority: 3

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