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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Indigo, Germany

Indigo - Meer der Zeit. 1977 private.
Indigo - Die Angel Im Gras. 1979 private.
Indigo - Herbstwind. 1980 private.

Indigo are a melodic progressive rock band that seem to be clearly influenced by Novalis, maintaining a slower pace, with plenty of organ, spacey vocals in German, early polyphonic synths and nice electric lead guitar. "Meer der Zeit" features only one long track which is broken up into many movements. Other references include mid to late 1970s Pink Floyd, Faithful Breath's "Fading Beauty", Fly, and Minotaurus. "Die Angel Im Gras" is the best of the lot IMO. All 3 albums are pretty rare. Not to be confused with the Austrian post-Kyrie Eleison pop group.

Priority: none

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