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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Zyma, Germany

Zyma - Brave New World. 1979 private.

I first heard Zyma on the "Proton 1" compilation that was released by Kerston in 1974, which featured five new up and coming German bands. Of those, Zyma and Sun were the only groups to eventually get a full length LP. And with Zyma, they managed two releases, "Thoughts" and "Brave New World". "Thoughts" was reissued by Garden of Delights a few years back, which allowed me a revisit of that fine album. And now I'm finally returning to hear their followup. Zyma were similar to many of their late 1970s contemporaries, with a strong melodic sense, female vocals, and a slight fusion edge. Groups like Eden, Credemus, Rebekka and Werwolf all come to mind. One significant difference, however, is the use of scat vocals. And she can get quite hysterical at times, which reminded me of early Zao strangely enough. Lots of violin and flute as well.

I would expect GoD will eventually reissue this one as well - and it would be worth the effort.

Priority: 3

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