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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Master Cylinder, USA

Master Cylinder - Elsewhere. 1981 Inner City.

Not much is known about this Ft. Worth based jazz rock group (even though they're from my neck of the woods, their album wasn't exactly a staple of local jazz or rock radio). On the usually soulless Inner City label, Master Cylinder was anything but that. Their album has a strong melodic sense, and it seems the group must have been informed by the Canterbury groups like early Soft Machine or National Health, as well as the DC based Happy the Man. While ostensibly a jazz album, it's these rock elements that bring Master Cylinder to the next level. A very good album that time has forgot.

Priority: 3

(As if to prove the obscurity, the only photo I can find on the internet is this one with the tape on it. Sealed albums of this title used to be found all over the DFW area, since the band was from there. I have a copy somewhere, that I'll need to photo if no one does it beforehand.)

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