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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Loch Ness, Mexico

Loch Ness - s/t. 1988 Sacbe.

Loch Ness was the root group for the 1990s psychedelic explosion that suddenly appeared in Mexico - and then vanished without a trace by the end of the decade. Humus, Frolic Froth, Smoking the Century Away, Euphoric Darkness and a few others all can point to Loch Ness for paving the way. All of those groups, and the remainder of the Loch Ness catalog are on CD - only this debut remains without a CD issue.

On the debut Loch Ness lays out what the Mexican space rock scene was going to look like for the next few years. Picking up where Sensations Fix' left off on "Portable Madness", and integrating in some early Krautrock like Guru Guru and Gila, Loch Ness mix high octane guitar licks with a slight jazzy undertone in the rhythms. It's a great recipe, and one which the sister band Humus took to an even higher level about a decade later.

This Loch Ness is not to be confused with the late 80s Brazilian neo progressive rock band.

Priority: 2

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