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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nova Express, Germany

Nova Express - Space Khmer. 1987 Syndicate.

A band I first heard about from Freakbeat in the early 90s. Their two albums have always been difficult to find, even back then. "Space Khmer" reminds me a lot of early Amon Duul II - especially the shorter songs as found on "Tanz der Lemming" and "Carnival in Babylon". It's really apparent in the psychedelic guitar work and the accented male vocals. The organ they employ is actually an older vintage than what Amon Duul II used! No doubt they were also influenced by the post punk crowd of the early 80s, and it shows in some of the composition writing. Overall, a very good album.

After many years, I finally found a copy of their second album "Once in the Blue Moon" (1991 Heartache Transplant). The photo you see is the actual LP copy I recently bought on ebay (I haven't ever found a scan of the album anywhere). It was pressed on CD back in 1991 and you can still find one from the odd German dealer (if you look hard enough - make sure to get the title exactly right when searching). Musically it's a bit more aggressive and punk-ish if you will. But it's still very psychedelic, especially in the ferocious guitar work and some of the atmospheric distant vocals employed. About the only other band I've heard like Nova Express is the equally obscure German group Der Kampf Gegen den Schlaf.

Priority: 2

I have some fun collector notes about "Once in the Blue Moon" on my Under the Radar CDs blog.

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wolfram said...

Un disco fantastico