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Monday, January 3, 2011

Oblique, Netherlands

Oblique – s/t. 1985 CBS.

One of many obscurities that I had received in my cassette tape trading days. I didn't even realize I had this until digging through the tape drawer recently. An interesting mix of Berlin School electronics, new age and instrumental rock with electric guitar and sax. Not too bad, though pretty typical of the era. Worth seeking out though.

(2/1/11 update: According to one of our readers, this came out on CD originally in 1985. I'm sure it's as rare as the LP, but very interesting all the same. Thanks for the tip!)

Priority: none


Anonymous said...

this was released as a cd when it came out. i have it.
number: CBS CD 26218
see here:


Anonymous said...

I only have a couple of tracks of that album, via Atmospheres, the legendary compilation album CBS released circa 1985/6. I've years seeking for the Oblique CD every now and then with no luck at all. I found a page tonight with some bits, and sound very abstract.
Greetings from Monterrey Mexico.

Tom said...

Yep, I've never seen the CD either. Very obscure. Hola a Monterrey! Thanks for the comment.