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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Laurent Petitgirard, France

Laurent Petitgirard - Suite Epique (aka s/t). 1972 Alberti / Discodis.

One of the more interesting instrumental rock albums from early 1970s France is Pop Instrumental de France (issued legit by Vadim about 5 years ago), which was a pseudonym for Laurent Petitgirard. This album represents the followup. Perhaps a little less "Le Fun GoGo Pop" and a bit more towards serious jazz rock with classical overtones. For soundtrack fans, Petitgirard is a household name, and he's still scoring films and concertos all these many years later. While PIdF received a legit reissue on Vadim not long ago, his followup has fallen into the deep chasm. Laurent himself seems to have disowned it, as not a word about it appears on his own website. That's too bad, because this a lovely set of instrumental tunes, perfect for that spring afternoon drive on a winding two lane trek through the mountains. Perhaps Vadim has their eye on this one as well. Let's hope so.

Priority: 3

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