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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jean-Pierre Massiera & Bernard Torelli, France

Jean-Pierre Massiera & Bernard Torelli - Turn Radio On. 1976 Marcy Music.

The Working Progress post made me think of this one, a CD-R I received many years ago from the MP.

Well here he is again. Mr. Massiera, the king of arcane underground music. You never know what you'll get with a JP Massiera album, but rest assured it will contain music no one else was doing at the time. He seemed to be the original artist with a keen eye for the ironic. In fact, I think the entire post 1990 Japanese pop scene could be described as similar, whether one was actually clued in on the joke or not. Jean-Pierre Massiera is the original post modernist hipster! Here he joins Mr. Torelli (not sure what his role is, since I've never actually seen an original LP, and it may not tell anyway) in a completely nutty, primarily instrumental (with odd voices and narration) album, that is as much indebted to the late 60s grooving horns jetset scene as it is to Studio 54 era disco. Thanks to my friend MP for this one.

Priority: none

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