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Thursday, January 13, 2011

News: Garden of Delights adds Missus Beastly albums to Coming Soon List

(Updated 6/23/11)

Good news here and thanks to the tip-off from an anonymous reader. We had mentioned in the Missus Beastly entry, that "According to the liner notes of the 1974 Misses Beastly album, Garden of Delights states that the German label Funfundvierzig were to reissue both of these albums imminently. However, it appears that label has since gone inactive, and so these two remain sadly unissued. Hopefully GoD picks up these titles, and many more from the great Schneeball label." Well now it looks like that will happen! .... Eventually....

We all know that just because Garden of Delights announces something, doesn't mean it's going to happen anytime soon. I think the Sunbirds albums have been on there for a decade - without exaggeration. But the good news is they EVENTUALLY do get around to reissuing the album in question, and that's what is important. Now sometimes, GoD won't even announce an album - and, BAM, there it is. Or they turn around a pre-announcement quickly. So who knows?

Looks take a look at their latest list (Thors Hammer is their non-German reissue label). My comments after each entry.


BRACHMANN & LUMMER: Brachmann & Lummer (1973) --- Don't know anything about this one. (See comment section for John and Lev's observation on this album).

COSMIC CIRCUS: Wiesbaden 1972 --- This is certainly archival, but not sure what it entails. Froese used to call the Kosmische Kourier label a "Cosmic Circus" and he didn't mean that in a good way. (Please see comments for more information regarding this release. It sounds fantastic. Thanks to The Lolly Pope!)

DHOPE: Musical exhibitions (1980) --- A very rare album that I've also seen a 1976 date appended to. I've never heard it and it's been on my curiosity list for a long time.

EMBRYO: Bad heads and bad cats (1976) --- Reissued legally by Disconforme, and that's the version I have (though it is long OOP and deserves a new reissue in any case). They did a very good job, though used the same history for each release. GoD is typically more thorough.

EMBRYO: Live (1977) --- Strange as it may seem, this one has never been reissued before.

EMBRYO: Apo-calypso (1978) Same situation as Bad Heads / Disconforme.

EMBRYO: Umsonst und draußen – Vlotho 1977 --- Very exciting to know that the whole concert is available. Some of these shows were awesome. One can only hope some of the other groups also recorded their whole show. My full breakdown of these concerts can be found here.

FLUTE & VOICE: Imaginations of light (1971) --- The band themselves reissued this about 15 years ago. Musically not so interesting for me, but features a great cover, so would be better for their new LP reissue line. But it's not on there strangely enough.

FLUTE & VOICE: Hello rabbit (1973) --- Second album was released by the band on CD 15 years ago as well.

LINDWURM: Erinnerungen an Klaus (1976) --- I'm only familiar with their 1980 album "Im Windschatten". I think this is an archival release, but not 100% sure (Lev has provided some valuable detail regarding this release). Featured here.

*** MISSUS BEASTLY: Dr. Aftershave and the mixed-pickles (1976) *** Reissued!!

MISSUS BEASTLY: Space guerilla (1978) --- Both of these are great, and is the inspiration for this post. *** Coming soon!

xxx RONTHEO: Rontheo (1976) --- I'm not a fan of this folky album. xxx Removed from consideration (OK with me!)

xxx SECOND MOVEMENT: Blind man’s mirror (1976) --- Decent hard symph rock. Not too excited about this one either. xxx Removed from consideration (OK with me!)

*** SUNBIRDS: Sunbirds (1971) *** Reissued!!

SUNBIRDS: Zagara (1972) --- For me, the most anticipated reissues for sometime. The first album is sublime. Featured here. *** Coming soon!

ZYMA: Brave new world (1979) --- Another excellent symphonic rock album. Even traces of early Zao can be heard. Featured here.


BLUE SUN: Blue Sun ‘73
*** FOTHERINGAY: Essen 1970. *** Reissued.

None of these three are too exciting for me personally, but no matter what, I'm a huge supporter of Garden of Delights. They're the gold standard of reissues as far as I'm concerned.

Keep going guys!!!

6/23/11 news: In addition to the above updates, GoD has added one new title that I was unfamiliar with:

Franz de Byl & Heiner Hohnhaus - s/t (1970).

Lev says this on RYM: "Looking at the artwork, one can expect a radical avant-garde album, that would take the edgy German agit-rock formula further into realms yet uninhabited. Dreams, dreams. This is in fact a harmless acoustic record, falling squarely in the German singer-songwriter camp (think Krohn & Micus or Meichsner & Fertig). Not bad for what it is (a few tracks suggest acid-folk), but leave your great expectations at the door." Sounds out of my interest area as well, but GoD's audience base is quite diverse, so I'm sure this will do well - especially back in Germany.

I wish they'd put Pancake's "No Illusions" back on the list (it fell off within the last year)!


Anonymous said...

Cosmic Circus were Ulrich Masshöfer dr, Bernd Diesner g, Karl-Heinz Keffer b,(formerly known as Catharsis, unrecorded) and at that evening in 1972, when these recordings were made in Wartburg-Wiesbaden, Xhol-man Tim Belbe on sax & flute. They never released an LP, but you could order a cassette tape when you reacted to a tiny ad in Sounds magazine. (Which only very few people did)There's only one track, the 45 minutes of "Sternenmaskerade", and it's a wild, weird and wonderful jam, highly recommended to those who love their Kraut pure. Starts like Between, ends like Xhol, but all a bit rougher, fuzzier and hardly any song structure or vocals. In fact it was considered as unsaleable by record companies. I got it, and I would say that it's THE last un(re)released pearl of kraut history. The Lolly Pope.

Tom said...

Wow! Thanks The Lolly Pope for that information. The Cosmic Circus sounds fantastic!

- Tom

locanda2 said...

Hey Tom
Brachmann & Lummer isn't an Archival release, it was released in 1973 on the Parity label. They are a country folk duo who sing in English, They do a few Neil Young covers and I think an Eagles cover as well. A few members of Virus are in their backing band.


Tom said...

Hey John! Good to hear from you. Well that certainly doesn't sound very good! Your description recalls the Charles and Morgan album. Woof! Thanks for the warning! :-)

dripdrip said...

Hey Tom,

Brachmann & Lummer album is very uneven, but there's at least one 6-minute track that caught my attention. Too bad they didn't venture outside their comfort zone too often. But it's definitely not like Charles & Morgan in that there's a full band backing on most of the tracks.

The first Lindwurm album apparently DOES exist on LP as it is pictured in one of Pokora's books with a 5 stars rarity. But probably it was just an acetate or something like that because in nearly ten years of searching I haven't ever seen a copy for sale.


Tom said...

Thanks Lev for the comments!

dripdrip said...

Hey Tom,

I've got interesting news about the first Lindwurm LP. I'm just back from Moscow record fair and believe it or not I have seen the record there, but couldn't buy it because the price was way higher than I could afford. But I held it in my hands for a while and even got to listen to the first track, which is pretty amazing power-trio heavy psychedelic blast! Definitely would like to hear the whole LP one day!

What is also interesting is that I now have a tracklist of the album (meticulously copied from the original cover) as well as other bits of the info that were on the LP - and it appears that this Lindwurm was hardly related to the band that did the "Im Windschatten" record. Although the cover doesn't state clearly who plays what on the "Fruhjahr" LP, there's a list of the musicians, and no one from it is on "Im Windschatten" unless they used pseudonyms. The sound is highly different too, according to the first track at least. So currently it is my understanding that there were two bands called Lindwurm in Germany.

By the way, Klaus who they refer to in the album title, is a deceased friend of the band whose photo graces the back cover, and the album is dedicated to his memory.

Hope this will be interesting for you and for your blog's readers!


Tom said...

VERY interesting Lev. Thanks for the comment, and I've updated the main Lindwurm post.

Anonymous said...

I have been e-mailing Garden of Delights for years asking about the release schedule for the Sunbirds stuff (mainly the first album is the one I'm crazy about getting on CD) and they have never once responded. I can only hope they'll get around to it soon, as we've all been pretty patient!

Tom said...

Hi Chris, I agree - the first one is definitely the one I'm frothing at the mouth about too. Hopefully 2011 will be the year we see it on CD! I do own the original LP, which I'll keep no matter what, but would love to hear what GoD will do with the CD, plus I'm interested in their story!

Anonymous said...

you can listen now to COSMIC CIRCUS MUSIC on spurensicherung.blogspot.com

Tom said...

Hello Anon,

Thanks for the tip! Looks like an excellent find, and great detail provided by the blog. I'll check it out shortly!

- Tom