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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Schakta, Switzerland

Schakta - Tales. 1980 G+F Records.

Not as fully developed as most of the private press albums from Switzerland during this time (i.e. Eloiteron, Nautilus, Sicher). Thin sounding and amateurish, with poorly executed vocals. It's a sincere attempt with a few good ideas, but this is strictly hardcore fan material, and not likely to garner much interest from those who haven't heard it. Reminds me of some of the embryonic Japanese sympho groups from the early 80s like Picareque of Bremen, Orpheus, Jankees, etc.... Love the period cover, a great example of cheesy amateurism that works. Thanks to Konny of Black Rills, who sent me a cassette of this title many years ago.

Priority: none

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