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Monday, June 1, 2009

Hades, Norway

Hades - s/t. 1992 Colours (1974 recording)

I bought this and its sister LP, St. Helena, when they were first released. I sold them a few years later because they are so short in duration it hardly seemed worth it. Today I would have kept them anyway. At least until a CD arrived. So all I have is a CD-R at the moment.

This archival live album (soundboard quality) reminds me a lot of Osanna's "L'Uomo", which in itself was a strong play on the early Jethro Tull sound. Another way to say blues based heavy rock with aggressive, stuttered flute as the lead instrument. Many time changes also point to the Osanna way of doing things. The Norwegian vocals recall the unique Scandinavian flair found in bands like Host or Trettioariga Kriget. Great fuzz guitar leads as well. Short album (under 25 minutes), but great all the way through.

It would be nice to pair Hades with the archival St. Helena album, that was also under 25 minutes.

Priority: 3

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Anonymous said...

This album is very good