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Friday, August 21, 2009

Lethe, Netherlands

Lethe - s/t. 1981 M.M.P.

Following my post yesterday on Mirror, here's Lethe, the second incarnation of the band.

Lethe's album starts off rather inconspicuously with a classically oriented oboe, acoustic guitar and piano piece. But, just as Mirror before them, the band launches into a sophisticated, but highly melodic progressive rock form. And while Side 1 is good, side 2 is an absolute clinic on how to combine complexity and yet still maintain a strong melodic backbone. This is the album that Camel never made after "Moonmadness". Astounding album really.

Priority: 1


Renate said...

I can remember having interviewed Philip de Goey, because there seemed to be some interest in rereleasing this album, which alas never happened. So I'm stuck with the original album, which I have copied to a CDR. I'm not sure if the copy is good. I still have the soundfiles on my computer and one day I hope to make a better copy. I have basicly two files, one of side one and one of side two, which I should split into seperate tracks, which is not that easy, because of the very soft parts in the songs.

Tom said...

Hi Renate,

Thanks for the comment. That's too bad it never happened! Maybe some day right?

- Tom