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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Red, England

Red - s/t. 1983 Jigsaw.

This was released amongst all the other New Wave of British Progressive Rock albums (now known as Neo Prog). But Red were nothing like IQ, Twelfth Night, Marillion, Haze, etc... nor were they like mid period King Crimson ala their name. Nope, this is a very strong instrumental fusion oriented album, with some early 80s keyboard sounds. What separates this album from the pack is the ferocious guitar playing, and the outstanding melodies. I bought this on LP in London when it came out, and it's still one of my favorites.

Priority: 1


dennis fitzgibbons said...

thanks for the nice thoughts after all this time, I have a few tunes on dennis fitzgibbons@myspace music cheerz & staywell

dennis fitzgibbons said...

thanks 4 showing interest , it would be nice to get a reissue , I've got a few ideas on dennis fitzgibbons myspace music , @+

Tom said...

Forgot to comment here. I'm rooting for you Dennis! I'd love to see a CD of this magnificent album.

jerry said...

Yup it would be nice to get it reissued (other than the Japanese bootleg that came out a while ago). Maybe we should reform, ho ho, or record the songs that were all ready for the second album! Frank and I did try to get hold of Dave Williams at his new studio with a view to reissue but he never got back to us. No surprises there, then.

Tom said...

Hi Jerry - I wish you success! What a fantastic album. I still have the Virgin Records store sticker from 1984 on it. That's where and when I bought it. I actually found another one used in a Little Rock, Arkansas store in the early 90s (can you believe it?). I did however sell that copy years ago.

dennis fitzgibbons said...

I would love to get it reissued , how could this work ? not with dave williams anyway ! he didnt get back to you how odd , reminds me of years barking down the phone at him ; this album was killed !! we would have gone on to better things !! the talent of all the members was difficult to match !