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Monday, September 28, 2009

Tullio de Piscopo, Italy

Tullio de Piscopo Revolt Group - Sotto e 'ncoppa. 1975 Carosello.
Tullio de Piscopo - Vol. 2. 1977 Carosello.

De Piscopo is a well known jazz percussionist (to this day), who ventured into progressive fusion in the mid 1970s. First he played with The New Trolls, then he released these two fusion albums with some excellent Fender Rhodes, sax and guitar action. De Piscopo reminds me most of Toni Esposito's albums from the same era. "Sotto e 'ncoppa" features Sante Palumbo who was also on the Sway album. "Vol. 2" is more diverse, mixing in period disco, acoustic folk, tight fusion, and rock versions of traditional Italian sing-a-longs. I felt this was the stronger of the two releases. Neither of these have been reissued on CD, and aren't even mentioned on Tullio de Piscopo's own website. Boots exist for the first album.

Thanks to Midwest Mike!

Priority: none (if your tastes run more towards jazz, then you'll want these!)

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