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Friday, March 25, 2011

Jukka Hauru, Finland

Jukka Hauru - Information. 1972 Finnlevy.
Jukka Hauru - Episode. 1975 Love.

I first came across Hauru's name in the early 90's in association with the first Kalevala album, still a personal favorite album of mine. So I picked up the Information LP not long after from one of my dealer friends. I didn't get Episode until the ebay years.

On his debut album "Information", there's no doubt the major influence for Jukka Hauru - one of Frank Zappa, especially of the Hot Rats era. The same motif is applied: Silly bits of humor, an almost academic approach to chamber jazz, and shredding early 70s bluesy wah-wah guitar like the master himself. Hauru proves to be an exceptional student, and this album is a no-brainer for fans of the style.

"Episode" is quite a bit different, and moves towards the center of the Euro fusion movement. But it's a really good example of the style, with tight playing and Hauru proves to be once again quite adept with the electric six stringer. As an aside, Jukka Linkola plays keyboards on this album, and he apparently has a fine fusion album as well which I haven't heard. Looks like the cool folks over at ProgNotFrog have a copy to check out.

Priority: 2

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