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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Round House, Germany

Round House - 'Scuse Me. 1972 Harvest.
Round House - Down to Earth. 1973 Harvest.

German group who obviously spent a lot of time with their Chicago Transit Authority album collection. And they do a pretty convincing job with their variation of the horn rock sound. Some good grooves and they tend to veer towards the jazzy side, always a plus in this genre. Much better, I feel, than the more known Brain label horn groups like Emergency and Creative Rock. While the debut is solid, followup album "Down to Earth" is quite a bit more adventurous and includes a near side long suite similar to Chicago's 'A Girl from Buchanon', but overall less pop oriented. Both albums lack consistency, but there's plenty of great stuff here, especially considering the fiery Terry Kath inspired wah wah guitar.

Note that Rateyourmusic lists the group as from Zurich, Switzerland. I haven't found any other evidence of that, other than a brief mention in a record sale. I'll leave as Germany for now. (Dec 2, 2009 update: I just bought the LP of "Down to Earth" which has extensive liner notes. The band is based in Germany, though the leader of the group is originally from Switzerland. One of the members is from Hungary while another is French. I would still consider this a German band, given that's the origin of the group as an entity).

Priority: 2

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