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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Update: Italian box sets are out

Earlier in the month we had been a bit dismayed by the fact that the only way to buy the new Sensations Fix CDs, is to buy the box sets with 5 other releases, most of which have been already reissued (many times).

Well, the good news is that the box sets are only $45 each. At that price point, they make more sense, especially considering that all of these have been newly remastered. They do come with sleeve inserts, as suspected, so they aren't something one would sell or buy individually.


spacefreak said...

From what I've heard these boxes should be avoided at all costs. Awful level of sound compression on the remastering, that distorts the natural feel of the album and cheapo packaging that won't sell easily the duplicates as stand alones.

Tom said...

Hi Spyros... yes, I saw the same comments on Progressive Ears. I actually picked up the set anyway. I haven't heard any of them yet. But another reliable source tells me they aren't that bad from a sound perspective.

Even if they do reissue Sensations' Fix separately (and I predict they will), I bet they use the same "mastering". Same with Carnascialia. The rest of the box are throw-ins as far as I'm concerned, as I either have both the LP original and CD reissue I prefer (Balletto, Jumbo, Latte E Miele, De De Lind, Locanda) - or they're albums I wouldn't otherwise bother to own (Ibis, Cacciapaglia, Stradaperta, Pelosi).

As for the packaging, it is exactly what I would have predicted since it's 6 CDs for $45.

However, if they never reissue Sensations Fix again - these boxes will be worth a lot of money in a few years, despite the current uproar over the mastering.