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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tyll, Germany ***REISSUED***

Tyll - Sexphonie. 1974 Kerston.

Reissued by Mental Experience in 2016

Tyll were one of a handful of groups on the Kerston label (Gaa, Epidermis, Proton 1 concert). Optimistically (that would be VERY optimistically) you could almost call this the Hatfield and the North of Krautrock. Maybe Zappa is closer - but not in the same way as the first Nine Days Wonder. Each track is different, some are fiery fusion workouts, others are German folk, while still others are straight hard rock. The German vocals make it unique and thus remind me of groups like Drosselbart, Professor Wolff and Franz K (circa "Sensemann"). The latter gets a further comparison due to the cool use of heavily affected electric guitar. It is this element that makes Tyll attractive for multiple re-listens. On the spacier tracks, label mates Gaa are a fair comparison. And in many places I also hear the weird composition style of Lily's "V.C.U.".

Tyll would make a good reissue candidate for a label like Garden of Delights or Long Hair.

Priority: 3

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