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Thursday, July 22, 2010

MacArthur, USA ***Partially REISSUED***

MacArthur - s/t (aka The Black Forest) (USA) 1979 private (RPC pressing)
MacArthur - II (USA) 1982 private

*** Debut album reissued by Out-Sider in 2016 ***

Moved to UMR

Priority: 2


David Asher said...

I was looking up online information on these releases by my friends in MacArthur and came across your blog. Just to clear up a date question. The "White" self titled MacArthur album was released in 1979. I know because it was mixed in my bedroom! Bill Heffelfinger is the guitarist in MacArthur, as well as the keyboardist. If these albums will be released in some format again, it is likely the material will be re-recorded. Heffelfinger has worked with the Michigan reggae rock group THE PROCESS for the last 20 years, releasing several albums.

Purple Peak Records said...

Interesting! OK, well that would explain a few things then. Thanks for the comment!

Unknown said...

Hey, Ben MacArthur here. Very nice page. Yes Bill has been playing bass with The Process a lot of years. Dave left out Bill's huge success as a teacher with an award winning marching band, with national recognition! The guy is a genius! We have always written and recorded songs all these years, Lol, Bill wears many hats! Our stuff, MacArthur and William Nathan Heffelfinger are available in any online music site. Bill's The Planets is truly amazing as well as MacArthur Archives (a best of)! MacArthur I is being reissued by Guerssen Records in both album and cd's, to be sold world wide soon! So the CD wish list can check off another great recording, and you heard straight from the source, contracts are signed!

Best regards,

Purple Peak Records said...

Hi Ben,

Great to hear from you - and excellent news! Thanks for letting us know - I'll be sure to post an update. Are you considering MacArthur II as well?

Thanks again,

- Tom

Unknown said...

MacArthur has been officially released through Guerssen Records and is now available with a history of the band booklet inside.Both records and CD's.

Unknown said...

I am currently reworking MacArthur II from the original masters. Cleaning and enhancing each song with remarkable results. I will reissue when done. Any recordings out there now, if not an original album, are cut from a phonograph record with great loss of fidelity. You will love the remixes, the are full and clean thanks to modern tools! Watch for it, I have found during the remixing process that this is a fabulously underrated album! We just released it thirty years to soon! Peace!

Ben MacArthur

Purple Peak Records said...

Thanks Ben for the update. Please let us know when it's close to ready as well! All the best - Tom