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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Noah, USA

Noah - Brain Suck. 1969 / 2003 Head.

Archival LP release from somewhere in Ohio, unearthed by one Al Simones, who put out a couple of freaked out psych guitar albums in the 1990s. The LP has been carefully distributed, and so its scarcity has caused the value to remain high. The kind of release that used to be the sole domain of Rockadelic Records. Fuzz guitar and organ lead the psych rock parade. Very much a product of the great Midwest, and the time and place are very apparent. Compositions stray more towards the thinking man's genre, ala Cleveland's Dragonwyck. A nice discovery, and would definitely benefit from a CD reissue. A natural for a label like Rockadrome or Germany's World in Sound.

Priority: 3


phess said...

Hi Tom,

Glad you liked our album. It was actually "bootleged" and released by someone outside of the band. We are in the process of negotiating a re-release of the original songs we recorded at Cleveland Recording Studio, the same place Grand Funk Railroad recorded their hits. We did all the music in one take. We were very proud of that effort. Stay in touch and I will let you know when the LP will be released.

Paul Hess, co-founder of The Sound Barrier, Noah, and Thanks.

Tom said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the comments and the details!

Any chance you will reissue the album on CD as well?

- Tom