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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moose Loose, Norway ***REISSUED***

Moose Loose - Elgen Er Løs. 1974 MAI. 
Moose Loose - Transition. 1976 Vertigo. 

***Both albums reissued by Norske Albumklassikere in 2021***

Priority: 2


Rob said...

The opening track on the first Moose Loose LP, "Eber's Funk" is one of the greatest things ever. All I can picture when I listen to it is an extended action scene featuring a 70s TV cop like Baretta or Starsky/Hutch wildly running after a perp in some dark, seedy city alley. By the way, you probably already know this, but I think the Blow Out LP you recently featured is sort of like the unofficial third Moose Loose album, as it's basically the same band.

On a different note, I was recently listening to something that I thought you might enjoy. It's the debut private press LP from Dutch/Surinamese jazz flautist Ronald Snijders called "Natural Sources" from 1977. He became pretty well known and released many albums over the years, but I think most of them would be out of scope for the list. However, this one is quite interesting. I'm not sure how to describe it, as it only barely touches on conventional jazz-rock very briefly. Maybe "progressive jazz flute"? Many of the pieces are quite short and seem to be aimed at generating a kind of mysterious "lost in the jungle" atmosphere, but there are also a few longer tracks that are quite original and interesting. It's a total home-made job where he plays all the instruments himself, but it's really well done and he's definitely a virtuoso on his main instrument. Anyway, not sure if this totally fits the CDRWL, but I noticed from some of your reviews that you seem to like quite a few flute-oriented albums, so I thought It would be worth recommending.

Purple Peak Records said...

Hi Rob,

I have to agree- the first track on Moose Loose is awesome. I remember thinking to myself that this was going to be a great album after hearing it. But it didn't sustain that sound throughout unfortunately. And you're right about Blow Out - it is really a 3rd Moose Loose album. I failed to mention that, and it's a good point.

Haha - you're right about my love of flute. Snijders sounds like he could be similar to Chris Hinze maybe - another Dutch flautist who was far more than flute jazz. I'll definitely check it out - thanks for the tip!