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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Angipatch, France

Angipatch - Vie. 1981 private.
Angipatch - Delirium. 1982 private.

Angipatch's debut "Vie" is a fine example of the dramatic French progressive style ala Ange and Mona Lisa. Of course, this is a more amateurish production, typical of the early 1980s, but the effort is sincere and certainly worth seeking out. Perhaps Elohim's "Le Mana Perdu" would be a good reference. On "Delirium", Angipatch mixes neo prog with new wave synth pop and French vocals, and is a huge step down from the debut. Disappointing.

Priority: none


apps79 said...

Being a dedicated fan of classic symphonic rock and loving MONA LISA's and ANGE's sound,I can only recommend ''Vie'' highly to anyone after these bands,despite the typical late-70's/early 80's sound/style problems of the album...

Great work Tom,keep it going!

Purple Peak Records said...

Thanks Apps79!