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Thursday, March 18, 2010

News: Sireena to reissue the Curt Cress Clan album in May.

Germany's Sireena, along with Garden of Delights and Long Hair, continues to give us hope that some of the more obscure German albums will eventually see a reissue.

Our original entry about the album said: "Curt Cress Clan - s/t (Germany) 1975 Atlantic. Hot funky fusion from Cress' mid 70s band. Typical jazz fusion of the era, something we've heard 100s of times before, but perfectly executed. A safe bet if you're a fan of said style."


Rob said...

Wow, this is great news. Out of all the obscure German jazz-rock albums I've discovered over the years, this is one of my favorites, along with the George Gruntz "Palais Anthology" album and a few others. That scene was so ridiculously huge, it's almost like there was some mandatory civil service program enacted by the West German government that mandated every man, woman and child in the country to join a fusion group at some time between 1974 and 1984.

Anyway, this is totally unrelated, but I recently came across some info that you might find interesting. A collector friend of mine was chatting with one of the guys from Acme records, and he let loose the news that within the next year or two, some of the old Prescription Drug limited edition LPs are planned for reissue on the Shrunken Head label, which seems to be run by Gary Ramon and is currently releasing Sun Dial archival stuff. Anyway, he said they'll be doing a 2CD Quad reissue, followed by other unspecified items later. Apparently, that whole story of the masters being destroyed was just a joke, as Gary does seem to have them. It's funny, because I was just recently revisiting the Ohr Musik albums and thinking how awesome that little scene/project was. For my money, these were some of the best albums of the 90s, and I personally consider that decade to be the actual golden age of psych/space rock stuff rather than the 70s, believe it or not! Anyway, I seem to remember you having these albums on your older reissue wish list, so I thought you might be interested.

Purple Peak Records said...

That's funny what you said about the mandatory civil service. I think you're right!

That's great news about the Prescription Drug stuff. Yea, I figured they wouldn't burn them either. But you never know. I have a couple featured here, plus some others coming up soon. I really do hope they reissue them! I only have the Ohr Musik on LP (plus the superb second one on CD). I also have the first Quad on CD, which wasn't part of the series.