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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Laura, France

There's quite a few albums that I've had on my original list from 2003, that I've never added descriptions to. I'm going to try to make an effort to get to some these albums before May. Laura is the first in this series. I'll try to remember to note these as I go along.

Laura - s/t. 1980 Laura Records.
Laura - Colis Postal. 1981 Laura Records.

The debut is a high energy, very expressive album, with lots of dual female/male vocals excitedly sung over complex progressive rock music. While the keyboards clearly represent their era, they're still played with verve. And the guitar tone is the typical compressed fuzz tone that the French are so wonderful at producing. "Colis Postal" sees the band trying their hand at more commercially oriented material with mixed results. The debut, though, is a must hear and would make for an excellent reissue from someone like Musea or Soleil Zeuhl - the latter perhaps reflecting some slight references to the style.

Priority: 2

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