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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Didier, Germany

Didier - Cptn. Coffee. 1981 private.

Incredibly obscure jazz rock album. Like the Moira "Reise Nacht Ixtlan", Didier's sole album sounds like something from another era - primarily 1973-74. Psychedelic fuzz guitar, driving bass, echoed German narration, atmospheric piano, tricky meters with sax breaks ala Soft Machine. Other than a couple of ebay auctions, I can find no information about this album on the internet, which I received via CD-R through a friend of this site.

Priority: 2


dripdrip said...

Hi Tom,

The Didier album is also intresting historically because it features very young Michael Stoll who currently plays in Faust and has been doing that for quite a few years already. Kinda like the sole Key album (also a great one BTW, and a good fit for your blog), that was Markus Stockhausen's very early recording.


Purple Peak Records said...

Thanks Lev for the comment! I think I mentioned Key in my main list, but haven't featured them separately. I didn't take a shine to them on my initial listen, though it sounds like I should give it another try!

- Tom