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Friday, July 9, 2010

Northwind, USA

Northwind - s/t (aka The Woods of Zandor). 1974 private.
Northwind - Distant Shores. 1977 unreleased.

Northwind were a Detroit area progressive rock band that is another fantastic representation of the Midwest music scene of the era. Hints of commercialism abound, but the group cannot resist the tricky compositions, while wailing on all that fat analog gear. Bands like Surprise, Starcastle, Ethos and Albatross are all good reference points. These albums are available for free on the band's website, but I for one would love to see a full blown CD production with liner notes, photos and a more detailed history. "Distant Shores", the stronger of the two albums, was never formally released, and the debut only existed as a white cover demo, that bootleggers later renamed "The Woods of Zandor".

Priority: 2

No need to supply cover scans in this case. A good opportunity for a CD label (or the band themselves) to provide a unique cover, that hopefully won't be a cheap photo shop job.

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