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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Francisco, USA

Francisco – Cosmic Beam Experience. 1976 Cosmic Beam.

True organic cosmic rock from California. He prides himself on not using electronic instruments and many of them are self built. Haunting sound, and typically one of a kind album that could only come from the American underground. Shades of Cosmic Debris and Children of One are present, as is some of the earlier Popol Vuh work - ironically in their electronic phase. Generally tagged with the New Age label, though if this is what New Age music really was, then I'd be a huge fan!

Priority: 3


Anonymous said...


Maybe you have not heard about it, but it seems that Günter Schickerts Samtvogel will be out on CD (Important Records) and LP (Wah Wah) soon. See:






Purple Peak Records said...

You are right - I had not! Thanks for the info, Achim.

- Tom