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Saturday, June 12, 2010

News: Nosferatu to be reissued by Long Hair

I don't typically announce albums that have already been legitimately reissued, which is one reason these pages aren't filled to the top with the latest Esoteric reissues, even though I adore the label.

However, I do like to call out new reissues of albums I really enjoy, and the original CD was legit, but not very interesting otherwise.

And Nosferatu is absolutely one of my favorite non-cosmic/experimental German rock albums from 1970. I've already featured them on my Unencumbered Music Reviews site, and it's interesting that I made this note: "Ohrwaschl was one of the original reissue labels of the early 90s. They broke in by reissuing most of the Kuckuk label, and progressed from there. All are unfortunately straight reissues with no info, bonus tracks, etc... But the sound is great. No complaints, but all of these could certainly use an upgrade.". And here it is!

It doesn't look like it will have bonus tracks, which is a pity, but it does feature unique liner notes written by the band and some photos. And I'm certain a wonderful sound.


Meidad said...

nice group, not a must IMHO.


Purple Peak Records said...

That's kind of how I felt for a number of years, but lately I've really taken a shine to it. I think it pre-dates a lot of what was to come out of England in 1971. And besides, it really jams hard! A kick ass record all around.

Meidad said...

ok, i guess i need to listen to it again :-)