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Saturday, June 12, 2010

News: Niagara CDs coming out on Made in Germany Music!

Suddenly we have quite a bit of news to report. Made in Germany Music (aka Fresh Fruit) is the label taking on the "La Vie Electronique" Klaus Schulze series (Vol. 5 & 6) as well as some of the recent Grobschnitt collectives. It appears they may have inherited some of the SPV Revisited line.

They are reissuing the entire Niagara catalog in one 3 CD set. That's good news for hardcore fans, though not preferable for me, as the first and last albums are percussion only, whereas the second album "S.U.B" is a fusion classic.

We've already featured the album here. Now if only Garden of Delights, or now perhaps MIG Music, will release the two Sunbirds albums, Klaus Weisse's greatest musical achievements!

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