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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Plamp, Switzerland

Plamp - Und Uberhaupt. 1978 private.

Like many albums from Switzerland, Plamp's sole album is a private press that time forgot. The CD Reissue Wish List is full of such albums (Nautilus, Agamemnon, Schakta, Eloiteron, etc...). From the northeastern town of Chur, Plamp went boldly forward with their native German language. As for the music, it's a hodge podge of late 70s rock with jazz and classical accents highlighted by flute, violin and sax. A bit too diverse for its own good, but plenty of nice fuzz leads and organ outbursts. Reference groups: Rumpel Stilz, Flaming Bess, Novalis, Sicher, Novaks Kapelle and El Shalom.

Priority: none

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