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Monday, August 9, 2010

Baracca e Burattini, Italy

Baracca e Burattini - Hinterland. 1981 Mama Barley.

One of many Italian fusion albums from this period, influenced by the Cramps label groups such as Bella Band and late era Canzoniere Del Lazio. Also Perigeo should get a nod here. I also detect a slight Zeuhl underpinning, as noted by the chanted, wordless vocals. On the soft side of said genre, but definitely distinguishes this album from the pack. Band is named after a 1954 Italian film. Worth a few spins.

May 2013 update: I noticed today that the band has a new album coming out. I wonder if that will lead to a reissue?

Priority: none


Luciano said...

Thanks! I'm Luciano Zaffalon, leader & keyboardist of Baracca&Burattini

Purple Peak Records said...

Thanks for the comment Luciano!

Luciano Zaffalon said...

NEW: It is possible that Hinterland will be reprinted very soon on CD by label Electromantic Records/Turin Jazz Rock School,www.electromantic.com and the second LP "Trio+1" too!

Purple Peak Records said...

Excellent news Luciano. I look forward to future news regarding this!