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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Booth Davis and Lowe, USA

Booth, Davis and Lowe - Prototype. 1978 Titicaca.

Another one from my tape collection from long, long ago (before CD-Rs). Band is from Arizona, but sounds like they're from the great Midwest (Albatross,Ethos, Surprise, etc...). Classic Yes is the obvious starting point, but like many bands of their era, BD&L made a concentrated effort for radio airplay, mixing in some tame but charming AOR songs. A mixed bag, but very much a product of the American underground.

Priority: none


Unknown said...

I own this album and love it! It should be released on cd for sure.

Unknown said...

I own this album and am friends of the band. This should be released as a cd and enjoyed by more people

tsanakas said...

if the band needs a reissue, please drop me an e-mail. I am a international re-issue producer.


this is christos tsanakas, executive producer of MUSIBAZZ's releases.

Janie Shimek said...

Loved their music so much. To me they were ahead of their time musically. I may be partial cause Booth of Booth Davis and Lowe was my younger brother. He was a fabulous self-taught lead player who took his playing very serious.

Purple Peak Records said...

Thanks Janie for the comment!