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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Melody, France

Melody - Come Fly With Me. 1976 Pole (later Tapioca)
Melody - Yesterlife. 1977 Vogue

In short, Melody are a symphonic rock band with female vocals. The sound of Come Fly With Me seems more from the early 1970s, and wouldn't be out of place with albums by Mad Curry or Earth & Fire for example. There's also a psychedelic space rock undertone present throughout, that perhaps explains why one gets the feeling the album was recorded from 5 years earlier. Unfortunately the recording sounds like an unprofessional demo, and is fairly sludgy overall. Hopefully the masters still exist, and the sound can be brought out to its fullest! Musically the album is very interesting, especially if someone can possibly scrub away the grime.

It's also worth pointing out that most, if not all, of the Tapioca presses (the inheritors of the Pole label) of Come Fly With Me feature one half of the Melody album combined with one half of Mahogany Brain's Smooth Sick Lights, which is an avant-garde noise fest and is a completely different style to Melody. This version was my introduction to the band which left me confused about Melody for years. Fortunately I now own the Pole version on LP.

Yesterlife moved to UMR

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