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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Greg Sneddon, Australia

Greg Sneddon - Mind Stroll. 1975 Mushroom.

Well done symphonic progressive rock from multi-instrumentalist Sneddon. Nice keyboard work in particular. Reminds me of other Australian artists of the day like Mario Millo ("Epic III" and leader of Sebastian Hardie) and Chris Neal's "Winds of Isis". There's a certain commercial slant found here, which is not uncommon for progressive rock artists operating in Australasia. Wouldn't be surprised to see Aztec eventually reissue this album.

Priority: none


Ian T. said...

There's an album of earlier Greg Sneddon stuff apparently. I have a cassette made from the LP somewhere and it's not really progressive, just nice alternative rock songwriting. There was an instrumental CD a few years ago as well, but I haven't located a copy. "Mindstroll" is a lost classic!

Purple Peak Records said...

Hi Ian T - very interesting info! I didn't know about the other two albums. Thanks for the comments!