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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Flight, USA

Flight - s/t. 1975 Capitol

*** Flight - Incredible Journey. 1976 Capitol.  Reissued by Eastworld 2013 ***

Moved to UMR

Priority: 2


apps79 said...

hi again Tom!

Having again a walk through the ''CD-reissue'' forest,I found this trully great album in your site and please let me post my review for FLIGHT's debut for anyone to read...this band is criminally overlooked:

Magnificent US prog band,recording and performing between mid-70's and early 80's.They recorded three albums as far as I am concerned:''Flight'' (1975),''Incredible journey'' (1976) and ''Excursion beyond'' (1980).The first two are considered as one of the best examples of artistic progressive jazz rock,the latest is said to be in a much more commercial vein.The one I can talk about is their self-titled debut,featuring Pat Vidas on trumpets/vocals,Jim Michael Yaeger on keyboards,John Ray on acoustic & electric basses,Russell Dawber on drums and Ted Karczewski on electric and acoustic guitars.This one is progressive jazz rock at its best for sure.Compositions are really fast,complex and intricate,offering tons of adventuruous interplays and a very rich sound.However,FLIGHT are not your average band,delivering long improvisated parts or jam sections.The compositions are mainly short with a great developing structure and also featuring often humurous vocals of somekind of late-60's pop style.Pat Vidas present a wide variety of catchy trumpet parts,supported by great electric piano,moog synths and a touch of mellotron and even some fantrastic solos by guitarist Ted Karczewski.The funky bass lines of John Ray try to create a more relaxed atmosphere...but instrumental parts are trully mind-blowing,reminding me of GENTLE GIANT and actually if you can imagine a cross between GG and NUCLEUS you are very close to FLIGHT's unique sound.Energetic brass rock in battle with complicated jazzy prog with also some hints of classic progressive rock.This band deserves a lot more than this limited fame they earned.A must-have for ages...9/10

Keep up the great work!All the best!


Purple Peak Records said...

Hi Apps79,

Thanks for the review! As you requested, I also published it on the main blog entry.

Thanks again. Hope all is well.

- Tom

apps79 said...

hi again Tom!

very kind of you to post this on your main blog.There are so many overlooked treasures out there that people aren't aware of...and your blog is not only very informative around re-issues but an excellent guide of underground prog/jazz/art rock as well.

All the best!


Unknown said...

After Flight drummer Russell Dawber and I formed another jazz/rock fusion band, NEXUS, in '78 or '79 with Kenny Drew , Jr. whose father is the famous Kenny Drew, Sr. who played with the greats like Miles and Coltrane, I believe. Flight were a great band and cool people as well. Capitol just didn't market them. Sad. NEXUS was an awesome band with a sound more like RTF. FLIGHT's albums are among my fav along my Beatles and Mahavishnu recordings. BTW, I was the guitarist for NEXUS. Our demo didn't survive unfortunately.

Purple Peak Records said...

Thanks Michael for the comment. Very interesting! Did Nexus record anything?

- Tom

Ken Golden said...

Flight - Incredible Journey will be reissued by Eastworld on May 13th.

Purple Peak Records said...

Ah cool - thanks for letting us know Ken! I'll get a news post out later today.

Jerry said...

Oh, excellent news it's going to be reissued on CD! :) I had a pretty clear vinyl transfer, but this will be better of course!