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Saturday, March 3, 2012

News: Het Pandorra Ensemble and Randy Roos available for Pre-order

I don't usually announce albums in this manner, as we've already posted the news on these titles months ago. But for me, and this site's main purpose, Ken's new label is a landmark moment. If this model succeeds, I think we'll see many more obscurities come out on CD. If not, then there's little hope that others may follow suit. Ken has a proven track record of success in this business, so this is our best bet.

So yes, I'm relegated to cheerleader here, but I think it's important we support this initiative if you want to see more rarities come out. The price point is high, but understand that it's likely these will rise in value over time. And I'm sure that's the cost Ken feels will sell out the limited edition while still making enough to cover expenses and invest in new product.

Pre-order details:

Het Pandorra Ensemble
Randy Roos

1 comment:

Faust said...

I per-ordred Het Pandorra Ensemble, seems very interesting to these ears. Randy Roos seems is less interesting to me, so I did not pull the trigger on that one.