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Monday, February 14, 2011

Randy Roos, USA *** REISSUED ***

*** Reissued by Modulus in 2011 ***
Randy Roos - Mistral. 1978 Spoonfed.

Like the Projections and Landress-Hart, here's another fusion rarity that isn't spoken of much. Boston based Berklee grad guitarist Roos was originally in a band called Orchestra Luna, an album that used to turn up quite a bit in my crate digging days. This album is quite a bit different from that, and is a guitar fronted instrumental fusion that was gaining popularity back then. But it has a rougher edge that I find appealing, and thus scores an extra point for me. Roos is a master of the instrument, and will occasionally call out Al Di Meola circa "Casino". I was also reminded of the German group Syncrisis, that we've featured here in the past. Overall, a pretty neat little obscurity.

This LP was a gift from Midwest Mike, and is pressed on clear vinyl, which was very unusual back then. Thanks again Mike!

The only decent photo I could find is from a recent ebay auction. It may still be active - so if this sounds like your bag, you may want to grab it!

Priority: 3


Eddie Lascu said...

Hey Tom,
Do you have the Orchestra Lun CD? I have a few extra copies and I can send you one as a gift, if you do not have the album. It is very good - see my review on Gnosis.


Tom said...

Hi Eddie,

No - I never did pick that one up. Send me an e-mail at ashratemp@yahoo.com


- Tom