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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Orkiestra Osmego Dnia (Orchestra of the 8th Day), Poland

Orkiestra Ósmego Dnia - Muzyka na Koniec. 1982 Savitor.

Released in the US as Orchestra of the 8th Day - Music For the End. 1982 Flying Fish.

Poland seems to have cornered the market on moody, organic, ethnic psychedelic music. Osjan/Ossian were the first (though even local pop star Niemen explored a bit in this area). Orchestra of the 8th Day appeared next and years later both Atman and The Magic Carpathians followed this path. Multiple reed and string instruments create an otherworldly landscape. No doubt labeled New Age music in its day, I would be hard pressed to believe that fans of the genre would walk away with anything but being mentally disturbed. This is not soft, meditational and relaxing music. This is truly psychedelic music - not via drugs or overt lyrical references, but rather a timeless ritualistic sound. A very fascinating work.

The band has at least 3 other albums that I have not heard.

Flying Fish was a very interesting label from Chicago, and I suspect they may have more intriguing (and relevant) titles for the CDRWL. I know about Other Music, which we'll cover here shortly, but that's about it. I know they have a lot of pure folk music that falls outside of our scope.

Priority: 3


nnknsh said...

Yeah, I like this a lot.
Very European, folk-ish but don't remind me of particular country or area.
I'd say somewhere between Atman, Ossian, Stephan Micus, Pepe Maina...

Actually it's not really a band effort, but brainchaild of Jan A.P. Kaczmarek. Other musicians participation are mostly limited in supportive role.
In fact most of their record is co-credited as Jan A.P. Kaczmarek / OOD.

Tom said...

Thanks Nobuhisa for the comment!