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Monday, February 28, 2011

Sakre, Spain-Basque

Sakre - Bizitako Gauzak. 1979 Elkar.

I remember buying this album in the early 90s. It was hailed as super-rare (like many of the Basque albums), and I thought I really scored when I scooped it up for $75 (and believe me, that was a fortune for me back then). Nearly 20 years later, it still goes for that - or maybe even a little less. Guess there was plenty of supply after all. No problem though with me. I'd never sell the LP - not with an amazing gatefold cover like that (a blind-folded naked Renaissance chick in her stocking feet, walking a pig - are you kidding me?)! Comes with a high quality insert that translates all the lyrics from Basque to Spanish. Like the Magdalena we featured not long ago, this is one of the few Basque albums not reissued by Lost Vinyl of Spain in the mid 90s.

It can be argued, like with most Basque albums, that Sakre isn't progressive rock at all. It's not terribly complex, or lyrically based in some high minded concept (well, I'm guessing on that last point - I'm hardly fluent in the Basque language). But no matter, as the music is clearly from the Basque underground, and Sakre has a sound of their own. The guitar work here is splendid, highly melodic with a cool acid tone. The rhythm section keeps everything hopping along, and there's a handful of meter changes. Though not as overtly psychedelic as fellow Basques' Lisker, there are some parallels with Sakre in the guitar work. A great album as far as I'm concerned - and one that is easy to listen to.

Priority: 2


bas said...

If you like the cover, check out the original work, Pornocrates, by Félicien Rops: http://www.artinthepicture.com/paintings/Felicien_Rops/Pornocrates/

Tom said...

Thanks Bas. Excellent indeed.

- Tom