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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nightwings, Netherlands

Nightwings - Grande Randonnee… en de Reiziger Moet Verder. 1981 Crossroad.

Another one that I'm featuring primarily due to its obscurity and scarcity of information anywhere else.

Nightwings are that very rare breed of a Netherlands group who actually sing in Dutch. While the album is clearly folk based, there are plenty of progressive rock elements especially in the keyboard department. What Nightwings are to The Netherlands is akin to what the early Anacrusa albums are to Argentina. If that makes sense. It's also one of the rare times when I see the description "folk psych", it actually lives up to the latter part of the name. And while not near enough psych for a freak like me, I think fans of the genre will indeed appreciate this effort.

Another rarity from the Midwest Mike stash!

Priority: none

NOTE: Tomorrow we'll have a $1,000+ rarity that will be featured for the first time here. The deep dive mining continues... Fun stuff!

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