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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Old Man & The Sea, Denmark *** REISSUED ***

The Old Man & The Sea - s/t. 1972 Sonet.

Ugh! Here we go again. Like the Kravetz I posted at the beginning of the year, here's an album I thought was legit on CD - or, as with the Metropolis post yesterday, one I thought for sure would have been put out legit by now. Years ago it was presumed the Walhalla label was legit. This was in 1996, and they appeared to be a Danish label who had obtained licenses from both Thors Hammer and The Old Man & The Sea. If only I was more observant back then! License from F. Hansen? Really now... the organist of OM&TS is named Tommy Hansen. F. Hansen would presumably be Freddy Hansen of Thors Hammer. And, as we learned from the Garden of Delights legal reissue of Thors Hammer (under their non-German moniker of Thors Hammer), this was just an out and out lie. Walhalla, as was to be obvious later with their multitude of pirate activities, was just another German bootleg label, of which there are sadly many. I got snookered way back then that's for sure. Now, multiple bootlegs later - The Old Man & The Sea remains still without correct representation. Perhaps GoD's Thors Hammer will pick this one up too? We can only hope. There is a legal archival release from the excellent Karma label of Denmark called "1972-1975", but this album is sadly without issue.

As an aside, to the rarity of this album, I would like to point out an article I read years ago. It was in a newspaper called The European, which was an awesome English language resource for a European backpacker like me in the 1990s. I think it was in 1991 (maybe 1993), where I read about the rarity of European rock records - something I was already all too painfully aware of. The example they used? The Old Man & The Sea on Sonet. Even back then, this was a huge prize. And it's easy to see why.

Musically speaking, The Old Man & The Sea fits squarely in the Scandinavian / Northern European sophisticated heavy rock bag. Heavy organ and guitar lead the instrumental solo sections, while rough English vocals add a bluesy feel to the proceedings. It's definitely influenced by the "Vertigo" UK sound, but of course deep divers will likely recognize other Scandinavian acts such as Norway's Ruphus (first album) or Host, Finland's Kalevala, and Sweden's November. An essential early 70's heavy progressive album that is in dire need of a legal CD reissue.

So I wrote all the above words, was ready to hit "publish" and then discovered there is a legit press. On a label called Dunk released around 2003 or so. Except no one has a copy - or ever did that I know of (here in the US that is). Apparently Karma Music of Denmark had it for awhile, but they're out of stock. None of the US dealers ever had it. Waaaahhh! I want one! Well, in any case, given its total obscurity, I'll leave this entry and ask for a new legit reissue please!

*** Reissued by Belle Antique - October 2011 ***

Priority: 2


dripdrip said...

Hi Tom,

There are 3 lavish 11CD boxes put out in Denmark, under the title "Dansk Rock Historie", and the Old Man & the Sea album is in there. Here's the link for these sets: http://plus.politiken.dk/MUSIK/Rock__Pop/Dansk_Rock_Historie_19651978__Gul_Box_nr_1(5691).aspx (unfortunately, only in Danish, because I couldn't find any English references).

With such a luxurious layout, bonustracks etc. I just can't believe this one's a counterfeit. So, perhaps the Old Man & the Sea LP actually is finally reissued on CD legit - but only in a huge collection box this time around (and yeah, I've never seen that Dunk issue anywhere either).


Tom said...

Thanks Lev - excellent information!

Anonymous said...

I have the Dunk issue after searching high and low for it. Just a note, it is remixed, sounding abit different and has a great 6 minute bonus track "Circulation". This makes it worth finding.

Tom said...

Thanks Anon for the comment and detail. I hope to find it one day!

- Tom

Anonymous said...

There will be a reissue on CD
by Shadoks Music (german lable I think)

There will be also a LP called "Second" (whatever that is)