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Sunday, October 30, 2011

News: Aztec working on Steven Maxwell von Braund album

This morning I wandered over to the website of Australia's Aztec Music, and saw that they are "currently working on" Steven Maxwell von Braund's (Cybotron) solo album. Excellent news for those of us who like pioneering Berlin School styled electronics. Here's our review.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

seems this got finally released by Aztec as CD:


in addition Dual Planet has re-released the pre-first Cybotron (SUNDAY NIGHT AT THE TOTAL THEATRE) CD/LP and the Braund on LP:


Many greetings!


Purple Peak Records said...

Very interesting, Achim! I didn't even realize Aztec was still around, and I thought they were absorbed by Sandman. I was checking Sandman's website infrequently, but it didn't appear they were much interested in progressive related items. Well then, I have work to do...

Thanks for letting me know!