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Monday, December 13, 2010

Toshiaki Yokota and Genshi Kyodotai, Japan *** REISSUED ***

Toshiaki Yokota and Genshi Kyodotai - s/t. 1971 Toshiba

*** Reissued by Think, October 2011 ***

Moved to UMR

Priority: 1


Rob said...

Tom, this is just absolutely freaky. Guess what I also just received a little while ago on CD-R from a big-time collector friend of mine? Yeah, you guessed it. I was actually just going to offer to share this with you. What are the odds?!?! Probably just like you, I've been spinning this thing over and over and over again, basically nonstop. When I first heard that moment at around 1:30 in "Harikrishna" when the fuzz-guitars, ripping organ and pounding drums all kick in my head almost exploded. This is like every overhyped "heavy psych" record dealer's hyperbole come to glorious reality, for once. And then the whole rest of the album just kills, too. What a mind-blower. All of that "african tribal psych" hype that the Akira Ishikawa "Uganda" album received should have been reserved for this one instead. Anyway, believe it or not my friend actually owns an original of this, which we believe is the only copy in existence outside of Japan. I follow Japanese auctions and dealer lists pretty closely, and I can confirm that the last couple sales of these over there went for between $2500-$3000. This is the kind of album that keeps Hans Pokora up at night in a cold sweat.

By the way, the real album name should probably be "Toshiaki Yokota and Primitive Community - Primitive Community". Most of the text on the LP is in English, and Genshikyoudoutai (which is the more proper romanization) does indeed just mean primitive community, as you surmised. I have a couple of (slightly) better cover images I'll mail you. But, the best image is actually to be found on youtube, where a (presumably) Japanese individual who owns the LP actually posted a couple of tracks over a year ago! Maybe you can add theses links to the album review, so people can see it and get to hear how awesome this stuff is:


nnknsh said...

Yes, Genshi Kyodotai means Primitive Community.

Genshi = Primitive
Kyodotai = Community

Yokota have an official site (in English too).


Probably you've picked up the credit information from there ?

The youtube files Rob mentioned are uploaded by Yokota. There's a link from the video section of his site, and also noted on the profile of the poster fuefukijp

I've seen this on an auction site only once, and that one wen't as JPY 230,000 (approx U$2,800-).
I've also seen a record shop ad that they buy this at JPY 200,000-! (so how much they are going to sell it ???!!!)

Purple Peak Records said...

Thanks Rob and Nobuhisa for the comments.

Uganda - LOL. That's a great example of dealer hype. I guess if they truly liked it, it's not hype, but somehow I doubt it.

But yes, this one earned its mythical status. I love stuff like this. Here we are at the bottom of mine shaft, and there's still gold! Let's keep digging!

Unknown said...

Just acquired this album based on a CD-R I got from a Japanese dealer. A superb record! One of the best I have in my entire collection.

Unknown said...

Just acquired this album based on a review CD-R I got from a dealer in Tokyo. This album is incredible in every way. You just keep listening to it. Definately one of the very best in my entire collection!